Founder Pitch Week Spotlight: OncoSwab's Journey with Bridgette Smith

In a world where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of business conversations, initiatives like Founder Pitch Week have taken center stage, shining a light on the incredible potential of underrepresented founders in the startup ecosystem. OncoSwab, a pioneering company in the field of cancer diagnostics, recently found itself among the 30 finalists out of 207 applicants, thanks to the visionary Bridgette Smith, former Google executive, angel investor, and the driving force behind Founder Pitch Week. This blog post celebrates OncoSwab’s journey and the invaluable role that Bridgette Smith played in their success.

Founder Pitch Week is not just about recognition; it’s about making meaningful connections. OncoSwab had the unique opportunity to connect with multiple angel investors who expressed a keen interest in supporting their mission. These connections could be the stepping stones that help OncoSwab achieve their goals and bring their innovative solutions to a wider audience.

Watch the CEO's Interview with Bridgette Smith

To get an inside look at OncoSwab’s Founder Pitch Week journey and the impact of Bridgette Smith’s vision, be sure to watch the interview with OncoSwab’s CEO. This conversation sheds light on the challenges and opportunities faced by diverse founders and the incredible potential they bring to the startup world.

Video: Founder Pitch Week – CEO of OncoSwab Interview

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