OncoSwab's involvment in Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November marks Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a time when communities, organizations, and individuals come together to raise awareness about lung cancer, its risks, and the importance of early detection. In a commendable display of commitment, OncoSwab actively participated in various events during this significant month, making strides in the fight against lung cancer.

#EveningOfHope Gala in Raleigh, NC:

One notable event in OncoSwab’s calendar was the Lung Cancer Initiative’s #EveningOfHope Gala held in Raleigh, NC. Andrea, the CEO of OncoSwab, attended the gala, underscoring the company’s dedication to lung cancer awareness. The gala not only celebrated Lung Cancer Awareness Month but also served as a platform to raise funds for critical research and initiatives aimed at combating lung cancer.

Luanne & Tom Stelten are active members of the Lung Cancer Initiative in North Carolina.

National Lung Cancer Roundtable in Washington DC:

On a grander scale, OncoSwab was honored with an invitation to the prestigious National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT) in Washington DC. This gathering brought together key figures, thought leaders, and innovators in the field of lung cancer. Over two dynamic days, the focus was on addressing pressing issues, with a primary emphasis on strategies to enhance lung cancer screening rates.

At the NLCRT, OncoSwab actively engaged in discussions that revolved around current efforts to elevate screening rates. The event not only showcased cutting-edge advancements in the field but also provided invaluable opportunities for the OncoSwab team to connect with and explore collaborations with esteemed experts. The discussions were not just about the present state of lung cancer screening but also about envisioning and shaping the future of early detection.

The NLCRT served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, and OncoSwab seized the chance to explore synergies, share their vision, and lay the groundwork for potential partnerships. These collaborations are expected to further strengthen OncoSwab’s position in the ongoing battle against lung cancer.

Michael Gieske (left), Javier Zulueta (middle) and Andrea Stephany (right) in the National Lung Cancer Roundtable

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