DayOne Tech accelerator stands as a cornerstone in DayOne’s mission to redefine the future of healthcare. Situated within the dynamic ecosystem of Jura, Switzerland, this accelerator serves as a crucial bridge between groundbreaking concepts and real-world implementation, particularly for medical device ventures. With meticulous care, only four companies are chosen annually to join this esteemed cohort, a testament to the rigorous selection process and the caliber of innovation sought after.

In this select group, OncoSwab’s inclusion shines a spotlight on its potential to redefine the landscape of early detection in lung cancer. This acknowledgment underscores the profound impact its non-invasive approach could have on revolutionizing screening methods and improving patient outcomes.



Exclusive Peek Behind the Scenes: Interview with Dr. Pablo Lara

In an illuminating feature presented in the DayOne newsletter, readers gain privileged access to insights from Dr. Pablo Lara, Chief Scientific Officer of OncoSwab. Through this exclusive interview, Dr. Lara provides a glimpse into the inner workings of OncoSwab, shedding light on the technology driving its mission, the challenges faced along the way, and the vision that propels its endeavors forward.

Watch the video here!

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