What is research doing about lung cancer screening

Low-dose CT scans:

Low-dose computed tomography (CT) scans are currently the most effective screening method for lung cancer


Finding new ways to detect lung cancer at an early stage through biomarkers

Machine Learning and AI

Using AI to improve the accuracy of lung cancer screening and reduce false-positive results

Genomic research

Identifying genetic markers associated with an increased risk of lung cancer


Determining how to make lung cancer screening more widely available, particularly for high-risk individuals.

Personalized medicine

Tailoring treatment to the individual patient using genetic information and other patient characteristics to improve outcomes and reduce side effects.


We aim to bring the latest research on lung cancer screening in an easy-to-understand format.

From the latest findings on screening methods to new treatments and personalized medicine, we will keep you informed on the latest developments in lung cancer research. Join us on this journey to better understand this disease and the efforts to combat it.

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